When                                  What                        Where

 *NOTE* Arrive 5 min early to all practices to be ready to stretch. Arrive 45 minutes early to all games for proper warm up.


Tue, May 16, 5:30pm           Game vs Flames B        Hillcrest Field
Wed, May 17, 6:00pm          Practice                       Rec Park, Lowell
Tue, May 23, 6:00pm           Practice                        Rec Park, Lowell
Wed, May 24, 6:00pm          DH'er vs Outlaws           Rec Park, Lowell
Thu, May 25, 6:00pm           Practice                       Rec Park, Lowell
May 26-28                          Tournament                   Concordia Univ. Ann Arbor
Tue, May 30, 5:30pm           Game vs Flames B       Hillcrest Field
Tue, June 6, 6:00pm           Practice                        Rec Park, Lowell
Wed, June 7, 5:30pm          DH'er vs Flames K        Art Van #2
Thu, June 8, 6:00pm           Practice                       Rec Park, Lowell
June 9-11                           Tournament                  Backyard Blast - Valley Field
Wed June 14, 6:00pm         DH'er vs Sluggers          Rec Park, Lowell
Wed June 21, 6:00pm         DH'er vs Sluggers          Rec Park, Lowell
June 23-25                         Tournament                  Davenport Univ. Grand Rapids
Tue June 27, 5:30pm          DH'er vs Flames O         Belknap Park
Wed June 28, 5:30pm         GRABL Game TBD       TBD
June 30-July 2                   Tournament                   Shoreline Classic, Muskegon
Wed, July 5, 5:30pm           DH'er vs Flames K        Belknap Park
Thu, July 13-16                  Tournament                   Bridgeton, MO
Tue, July 18, 6:00pm          DH'er vs Sluggers          Rec Park, Lowell
July 21-23                         Tournament                   TBD

May 26-28                         Memorial Sizzler            Concordia University, Ann Arbor
June 9-11                          Backyard Blast              Valley Field, GR
June 23-25                        Panther Classic             Davenport University, GR
June 30-July 2                   Shoreline Classic           Muskegon
July 13-16                         2017 Nationals               Bridgeton, MO
July 21-23                         TBD                             TBD