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Spring Training and Backyard Dreams owner Shane Beach is the State of Michigan Scouting Director for PERFECT RECRUITS

"Just as high school athletics and there athletes have changed the recruiting process has evolved and is light years ahead of everyone thanks to Perfect Recruits!"    "We not only scout, evaluate and promote potential college athletes we help, assist and mentor you and your student athletes through the complicated recruiting process."

PERFECT RECRUITS.COM specializes in recruiting, and marketing high school athletes giving them much more opportunity for athletic scholarships AND educational scholarships. College education comes first, "Playing the Sport" makes this possible through the help Michigan director Shane Beach and Perfect Recruits.

We represent the student athletes in a manner that no one else can. Playing the sport alone does not guarantee that you will ever be seen by college coaches. Sports are competitive. Student athletes hire personal trainers and strength coaches. Why go at the college recruiting process without a professional working for you?

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Strong moral values, Honesty, Integrity and Dedication are the required standards for all of our personnel.  We realize that we are changing the lives of student athletes and giving them a chance to live a dream and better their lives. It is this principle that allows leaders to emerge, winners to come forth and victory to be achieved.

We provide our prospects with a comprehensive and personalized marketing and exposure package that includes online campaigns with personalized website of the prospect, direct mailings and personal interviews and referrals to college coaches throughout the US. We have the experience and successful track record you need.

PERFECT RECRUITS.COM is the pioneer in the college athletic scholarship recruiting industry. We use state of the art technologies and rely on the largest college recruiting network in the nation. We have direct contact with over 35,000 college coaches at over 1700 colleges throughout the US. Over 93% of our prospects get placed in college.